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Declaration of Candidacy

Hi, Friends, thanks for visiting my Elect Terry Fender ARBA District 8 Director campaign website! I officially declare my candidacy for the office of ARBA District 8 Director in the 2018 election.

It was my tremendous pleasure and honor to have previously served three terms as your D8 Director. I worked hard to see that all D8 members were treated and represented fairly, whether they were American or Canadian, or a rabbit or cavy breeder. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. If you pay your dues, then you deserve fair representation.

Improving communication throughout D8 was a top priority of mine as well. District 8 is by far the largest District in the entire ARBA. With a membership this large and diverse, reaching all members can be a challenge. From the moment I became your Director back then, I immediately knew that just one form of communication would not be enough. I appointed a D8 Webmaster in whom I had the utmost respect in her abilities.  The website was totally redesigned twice in my six years as Director. Nothing is more depressing when viewing websites than finding one that is vastly outdated. We worked to see that our D8 Website was kept current and revised regularly. In addition to this, I made use of the D8 Facebook page. I also blogged on my personal website, especially during ARBA Convention time to keep our members back home up to date. But I have to admit what I’m the most proud of was the mailing list that members could register for on the D8 Website. From this we created the D8 Monthly E-Newsletter. I also maintained mailing lists for judges and registrars so that I could contact them quickly with important reminders.

Even in today’s electronic world, there are still many members who do not have internet access. We CANNOT forget about them. The DOMESTIC RABBITS magazine is a great way to reach these members. However, with it being bi-monthly, items can pop up that need to be communicated before this. When assuming office in my first term, I thus offered to write a column in the newsletters of the state/provincial all-breed organizations. Items can also be addressed in a more local manner with this. Added to this, I am a firm believer in face-to-face communication.

Retention of members should be a high priority of our organization. In the past, I worked to help create educational opportunities for our youth as well as a means of personal growth. For our adult members, I worked to see that they were listened to and also had opportunities to become involved.

Friends, my campaign for election as your ARBA District 8 Director is in no way a disrespect directed toward our current Director. Simply put, I totally enjoyed serving three terms as your District Director in the past, and I miss it. If the membership will have me, I’d love to serve you again.

Please check back often to this website as a variety of topics will be added over the coming weeks and months.

The 2018 ARBA election is still months away, but when the time comes, I’d certainly appreciate your consideration and support!


Terry Fender