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The District 8 Youth Advisory Council

During my previous terms as District 8 Director, I placed a high importance on seeing that our youth members were fairly represented. One effort I made was creating the District 8 Youth Advisory Council. This group consisted of youth members only. My opinion was…Who better to advise me on youth issues than the youth themselves?

My goal was to have a youth member from each state and province in D8 serving on the Council. Finding a representative from the 4 D8 states was fairly easy. Finding someone from Ontario initially proved a challenge, but we soon found him! At that time Manitoba didn't have a chartered club, so at the time I was unable to find someone from there…but now that should be more likely following the efforts of many in that province these past few years.

The primary purpose of this Council was to help me to serve the youth membership to the best of our abilities. Council members were asked to write an occasional article for printing in the D8 Monthly Newsletter. If they saw issues at the shows they attended that they felt I should be made aware of, they were encouraged to do so. The Council members gave me feedback in the creation and yearly review of the D8 policy on district team formation. Youth members from throughout the district were encouraged to speak with their state/provincial youth representative at the shows they attended.

The D8 Youth Advisory Council was a first for any district in the ARBA. Working with youth to represent our youth was another example of what WE can accomplish by working together. I was very proud of the efforts these Council members gave in representing their fellow youth ARBA members.

Best wishes,
Terry Fender